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The legislative body that we have today is the best way to make the laws that rule our society. The first reason for this, is that any bill that is proposed to the Congress has to go through the different committees to be looked at to make sure that it is for the good of the country. Secondly, in these small committees we have specialized experts for certain topics such as agriculture, veteran affairs, and appropriations. By doing this we are getting the best opinions on these topics and they will make sure the bill is for the well being of our nation. The third reason is only then may it be voted on by the full House or Senate, if it has passed the committee and the views of the people are shown by their legislator's vote. So the people of the United States does have a say in which laws are passed or killed.

Finally, ideas for bills and laws can come from anyone so that gives everyone a say in our government.

In our government today I believe that you could argue either way about the government process reflecting the views of the average American. Mostly the older white males that vote for what they think is the best for the country control the positions of power. However, someone my age would have different views on things because I see things differently from an older person. So they do not represent me as an average younger American in many situations. On the other hand the average person that votes in this country are older white people so you would have to say that the government does represent the average older American voter.

In Congress today there are some members that have more influence than others are...