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On a warm and sunny afternoon, atop a green hill sat a little pink pony. Her usually frizzy, curly mane was now straightened and hung down towards the ground. As her tears fell, they gathered in the grass, forming a puddle beneath her. As the sparkling sun set past the mountain in the distance, she readied herself to leave. But before she left, she left one cupcake on the ground just as the sun disappeared from view.

Over at Sugarcube corner, the aftermath of the party was all that was left. Streamers hung low in a lazy fashion and food was everywhere from being on plates to being on the walls. Pinkie entered the door with her head hung low, but gave a small grin at the filthy room. Though she was sad, this small thing was able to make her feel happy. This was the reason she was alive.

Partying was her talent, and this is all it took to remind her of that.

"Sugarcube? Is that you?" called Applejack, coming around the corner.

Pinkie snapped out of her trance. "Wha...Oh...Yeah, it's me." she said, trying to keep her composure.

"Ah stayed ta help ya clean but when everypony left, ah couldn't find ya'll anywhere."

"I'm sorry Applejack. I just needed to... take care of something."

Applejack dropped her head low, "Ah understand."

Pinkie brought back her small grin, "Thanks Applejack," said Pinkie, hugging her friend.

Applejack hugged back and let go, "No problem Sugarcube."

The two finally got started on cleaning the house. All of the food was put into bags along with the streamers and cardboard party hats. Halfway through cleaning Pinkie started to cry once more, trying to hide her face from Applejack. Applejack saw this and left the room, knowing Pinkie needed...