Grant: a biography

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Grant: A Biography

November 15, 2011

10th Honors U.S History

Period 5

I. Introduction

A. Book

1. Grant: A Biography

2. A biography about the life of President Ulysses Grant

B. Author

1. William S. McFeely

2. Professor of history at Mount Holyoke

3. 1982 Pulitzer Prize for Biography for Grant: A Biography

4. Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

5. Frederick Douglas

a. Told the story about Frederick Douglas

b. Went in depth about his life as a slave to a free man.

II. Critique

A. Value to history

1. Life of President Grant

a. Origins of President Grant

b. Presidency

2.Corruption during his Presidency

B. Major purpose

1. Grant history

2. Story of Grant administration and even before

a. Family Origins

b. Mexican-American War, and Civil War

c. Grant's Presidency and his Cabinet

III. Interest to reader

A. Descriptive and Factual

1. Discussed important events about Grant

2. Able to understand very deeply

3. Facts stated clearly

B. Interesting positions

1. Civil War battle plans proposed by Grant

2. Grants choice of the Cabinet

C. Tedious Information

1. Mexican-American War

2.Grant's love life with Julia Grant

IV. Appeals

A. Very Visual with illustrations

B. Bibliography

1. Primary and Secondary Source

2. Magazines and historical figures

C. Summary

V. Conclusion

A. Opinion

B. Importance to the U.S and the Future

C. Remove the Excess Information that Doesn't have to do with Grant directly.

D. Very descriptive like being in his shoes

E. Factual and incredibly accurate

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Grant: A Biography, written by William S. McFeely, reflects the story about President...