Great essay on philisophical points of what it means to be a human being.

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" One human is not human"

"Human life needs other human lives in order to be human"(James Hanigan) This quote alone is enough to defend why "one human is not human". Human beings are social by nature and we need one another to live everyday life. Every human being depends on another human being in one way or another. When a human baby is born it is dependent on its parents right away. It needs nourishment, love and shelter from its parents, whereas insects can be born alone and left to depend upon themselves for survival. Human beings are not meant to be isolated, we need one another to develop character and morality. Our very own families are the basis of our development. Younger siblings look up to older siblings who used to look up to older uncles and aunts, who used to look up to their mom and dad.

The family is where we get most of our personality and our own identity.

Hanigan says, " human development cannot take place apart from a human community". I find this to be very true. From birth a human i s taught from another human how to live. We are taught how to talk, how to bathe, how to eat, basically how to be human. Our dependency upon one another is what makes us human. It is not unlikely for animals to have human qualities, but it is much easier for them to survive alone than it is for a human.