Great Expectation Chapters 1-10 Summary

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Chapter 1-10 Summary"¦ Chapter 1 In chapter one Pip is introduced along with other characters such as the Gargery's and convict. It starts out with Pip in the church yard visiting his parents grave when an escaped convict captured Pip and had him steal "wittles"(food) and a file from him family. In the last scene Pip is running home so as not to be late for dinner, Chapter 2 In chapter two it explains Mrs.Joe Gargery and her husband and how she brought Pip up by hand. She whipped Pip with "the tickler". Then later on at dinner Pip stuck his whole piece of bread into his pants and Joe accused him of "bolting." So Mrs. Gargery gave both of them cod liver oil to drink. They all discuss the escaped convicts and go to sleep. Then Pip got up and got the file and some food for the convict.

Chapter 3 In chapter three Pip is running to meet the convict in the churchyard when he runs into another man that resembles the first convict except that he has a scar on his face. Realizing that it was the wrong man he ran away in search for the first convict. Once he found him he started eating his food, shoving it down his throat. It ends with Pip leaving the convict while he busily files away at his irons.

Chapter 4 In chapter four Mr.Wopsle, The Hubble's, and Uncle Pumblechook come over for Christmas dinner. During dinner Mrs., Joe decides to serve some brandy but Pip had accidentally put Tar in the brandy so when Uncle P. drank it he got sick. Then after that was over Mrs. Joe sent Pip to go get a pie she had made the day before (the pie he had given to the convict), when the doorbell rang and it was a group of soldiers that had asked for their help in locating the convicts.

Chapter 5 In chapter five the soldiers had Mr. Joe (the blacksmith) make them a new pair of handcuffs. Later on they found the two convicts fighting each other. The second convict (the one with the scar) had said that the first convict was trying to kill him. Then after they captured the convicts the very last words of the first convict was that he had stolen from the blacksmith.

Chapter 6 In chapter six it is just Pip thinking about what had just occurred and how happy he was that his fear of being found were lifted. He pondered telling Joe about it but then his sister sent him off to bed.

Chapter 7 In chapter seven it introduces Mr. Wopsle's great aunt had a school and that her grand daughter, Biddy, helped run it. The author talks about a letter that Pip wrote to Mr.Joe. This was when Pip found out that Joe never Finished school. Joe went into this whole story about how his father beat him and his mother so they fled but Joe's father would always come back looking for them and find them so Joe never got o finish school and therefore couldn't read or write well. They talked about Mrs. Joe for a little while until her and Uncle P. arrived at the house and they brought up a suggestion that Pip should go to Mrs.Havisham's house to play with her daughter Estella.

Chapter 8 In chapter eight the author talks about Pip getting ready for and going to Mrs. Havisham's house. When they arrive there Pip is let inside the gate but not Uncle P. He followed Estella up the stairs and went to talk to Mrs. Havisham. Then after that Pip played cards with Estella and then he asked to leave. Estella threw him out laughing with a hard push of the gate.

Chapter 9 In chapter nine Pip came home and Mrs. Joe asked him about Mrs. Havisham's house and about her and the house. Mr. Pumplechook was there also. Pip lied to them telling them all these false stories of Mrs. Havisham's house. Then he confided in Joe and Joe gave him some advice.

Chapter 10 In the beginning of chapter ten Pip asks Biddy to teach him everything that she knows about anything. Then later on in the chapter Pip was asked by his sister to go to the "public house" to go and get Mr.Joe. When he went down there, there was a strange man who was talking with them until the drinks had gotten there.