The Great Flood

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Fable or Fact? The world was created in six days, but it took forty days to destroy. When god created the world, he went to great lengths to make it perfect. After God created the earth and its creatures, he realized it was more imperfect that he could handle. The decision to destroy all life on earth was made in haste, with little foresight and little or no preparation. God did not use logical reasoning, or rational thinking on the day he decided to destroy all of his creations. This hasty decision did not make God's word more believable, it only raised more questions to his validity and existence.

The story of Noah and his ark was created to make people believe in the power of God, and the show them the devastation their sins would bring. God undermined his own credibility when he told Noah to build the ark.

The ark was built with the intention to carry life into a new era of righteousness, but it did the exact opposite. The ark actually brought the world farther away from God, and closer to doubt and disbelief.

The destruction of the world and all the beings in it was not so much of a moral cleansing, as it is interpreted in the story of Noah. This destruction was more of a lesson to all the beasts, men and all creeping things on the earth. This is lesson is apparent when it is looked at in context. God was clearly powerful enough to create and destroy life as he saw fit. With that in mind, God still left Noah and his family, all the beasts and creeping things of the earth to live and tell the tale of the great flood. This may have been God's intention, for every species on the earth to fear him.

Anger may have played a role in the decision to wipe out all living beings. God seemed to be upset that the perfect world he created did not turn the way he planned. This should not have been a surprise to the one who created everything good and evil. Creating and then killing everything may have been part of God's plan to show the world that he means business. Had God only wanted to cleanse the world of evil and violence he would have everything and everyone, including Noah and his family. It appears that God destroyed all living things to prove a point. The point is that when God gets mad everybody dies.

Noah and God either played a huge role in the history of the world, or they were characters in a story. The factual elements of the story are sparse and diluted. The message of this story is either follow God or die. It is not clear whether this message was the basis of writing this story, or just the outcome of the story. Either way it is apparent that God acted out rather than taught the world. If God had been honest about his reasons, he would not have created a world knowing that he would have to destroy it.