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Jesus Christ (R) - Jesus had started the most followed religion of the world. Even though there is no evidence that he was actually the "Son of God", he was a muse, and led to more than a billion people believing in Christianity. Not only is he known/worshipped all over the world but there have controversies towards him that have led to wars being fought in his name. This is why Jesus is ranked #1

St. Paul (R) - St. Paul had spread the most influential religion in the world, Christianity. St. Paul wasn't really there at the time of Jesus, nor did he experience the events himself but he had written most of the New Testament with what he heard. His successful missionary of being a messenger evolved Christianity like wildfire.

Buddha (R) - Buddha had created an influential religion and had been followed by almost 200 million people.

The main followers were southern Asians and citizens in Tibet, China, and Northern Asia, who are also known as pacifistic. Spreading more and more everyday showing people the importance of living things.

Confucius (S) - Confucius had created the starting of most Chinese cultures. His influence had been around for a little more than 2000 years. Buddha and Confucius had almost the same amount of influence but one of the things that set them apart was that Confucianism didn't ever leave china Buddhism diffused out of India into other countries.

Moses (R) - Moses was another person who helped create the Old Testament, which is still followed by the people (Jews and Christians) today. Moses preserved this monotheistic belief, but it later on influenced the Islamic and Christian religion.

Aristotle (I) - Aristotle's work has been influential to people that have a grand mind, from...