Greek and Persian Wars

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During the late 400s BC, a strew of mishaps led to decades of fighting among two very controversial groups. This mass of destruction is known as the Greek and Persian Wars. The Persian wars consist of a series of military campaigns conducted by the Persians against the Greeks, beginning in 499 BC. The wars were sparked by a revolt of the Ionian Greeks against Persian rule in 499 BC. The cities of Athens and Eretria aided the Ionian Greeks, but the revolt was crushed in 494 BC by Persian king Darius. Darius then sent a large force to punish Athens and Eretria. The Persians took Macedon and Thrace in 492, but their fleet was badly damaged by storms and they were obliged to withdraw. A second expedition occupied Eretria, but while attempting to advance upon Athens, the Persians were defeated at Marathon in 490, by an Athenian force led by the Militates.

The Greeks were the first to formulate many of the Western world's fundamental concepts in politics, philosophy, science, and art. Needless to say, the Greeks were extremely intelligent people and were fond of good talk and relished debate and argument. Ancient Greece is considered the birthplace of European civilization, dating back over 5000 years. Many of the ancient ruins are over 4000 years old. The Greeks first developed many things that are part of our culture, today. They created the first democratic government, discovered many scientific principles, and created mathematics.

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All in all, the Greeks would have to summon all their strength and devise a way to stop the Persians.

During the first Persian invasion of Greece, Darius invaded the city of Athens with a large army, one that had conquered the Medes and the Lydians, both of whom had bested the Greeks. Darius...