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Captain Planet is certainly one of the most well known superheroes of all time. Sure, he cannot beat Batman, Superman, or even Spiderman, as far as popularity goes, but he is definitely up there in the top ten. Everyone knows his theme song, but do those eight year olds really know how important "taking pollution down to zero is?" Someone must have told a small group of people about this during the early 1970s because those individuals unknowingly founded Greenpeace when they angrily went to observe the testing of nuclear weapons in Alaska. They went to bare witness to the testing, in non-violent protest ( They were concerned citizens who decided to take action instead of sitting at home and complaining. Those people are real-life superheroes as far as the environment is concerned. Those people and thousands of others have devoted their lives to a green and peaceful future. They may not be made up of earth, fire, wind, water, and wear nifty spandex outfits, but they sure do have their hearts in the right places.

Greenpeace has been creatively and non-violently fighting "the enemy" for thirty-one years but the job is not all glamorous. This organization carries out many of its operations behind closed doors. They conduct research to support their environmental stances; they lobby governments all over the world, and they educate people about the environmental dangers and how they can be prevented. "With a unique ability to achieve changes by its use of direct, non-violent actions and lobbying at international conferences, Greenpeace has become the world's most pre-eminent environmental organization" (

Greenpeace focuses on six major trouble spots in our society: to save the ancient forests, to stop global warming, to expose the toxins in our air, to protect the oceans, eliminate genetic engineering, and end the...