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Chlorine Debate, How White Do You Want it?

henever chlorine containing substances, suchas PVC, are burned.Life as we know it will change, if a Greenpeace campaign is successful.The powerful environmental group has mounted a well-organized camp ... nd controversial issues. 'Is a chlorine-freefuture possible?' asked Bonnie Rice, a spokesperson for Greenpeace's ChlorineFree Campaign. 'Yes, it can be done without massive disruption of the economyan ...

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- -ILiving in the Faroe Islands means that you have experienced Greenpeace in action. It also means that your opinion regarding Greenpeace is not as positive as it ... s it might have been, without the influence of your fellow countrymen."Credit, where credit's due". Greenpeace has done a magnificent work when it comes to preserving our environment, even though thei ... ing our environment, even though their methods are questionable and sometimes rude and immoral.From Greenpeaces campaigns against the Faroe Islands, where pilot whale hunting has been the subject, we ...

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The Oil Crisis and Alternative Energy Ideas

answered improperly. Considering that most oil is intended for the use in our vehicles, an ad from Greenpeace, quoted by Gordon and Suzuki (1990), pointed the finger rather precisely. Under the pictu ...

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Genetically engineered foods and how they are being unjustly attacked. (Obviously pro-GE foods.)

e companies investing in it. The only reason for its existence is to increase agribusiness profits."Greenpeace does not lag behind in their attack: "Trade in GE food and crops is dominated by a handfu ...

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Roy keane

his forehead.Indeed, an erupting Keane in full flow is enough to turn even the fearless warriors of Greenpeace back into dry dock in their sailboats, but after a summer of shame and madness, people ar ...

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History of the animal rights Group

ely tied to environmental issues. In the early 1970s, environmental activist organizations, such as Greenpeace , began protesting against the annual slaughter of Canadian fur seals and against commerc ...

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"Food Fight: The Truth about GMOs"

Greenpeace considers genetic food a threat to the planet and that they will most likely increase the ...

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Future of Rainforests

e are also many things that are being done to eliminate this issue. There are organisations such as Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund for Nature which educate the world's population and its leaders a ...

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California: Does it meet Everyone's Expectations?

o open an incinerator near [what was to become] California's biggest toxic waste dump (Williams 2), Greenpeace stepped in to give the people of Kettleman City a hand in their fight. These large umbrel ... ical expenses, and these are only a few of the horrible things happening in the communities nearby. Greenpeace and other organizations proclaim that no one is safe; if the waste seeps into our water s ...

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The Potential of Genetically Modified Foods

eople today are concerned about the benefits of genetically modified foods. Activist groups such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth heighten fears by halting boats shipping bioengineered products ... n and soy meal to feed those who were starving. Oddly enough, this outraged some of the groups like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. Michael Fox stated, "The only acceptable application of genetic ...

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Special Interest Groups

ss of what state, seem to affect the laws and regulations made towards their interest. Whether it's Greenpeace, the oil companies, or the gaming commission in California. The way that Special Interest ...

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Convergence In Technology

Bosnia, the starving millions in Biafra and Ethiopia, the worldwide environmental issues raised by Greenpeace? What is the purpose of developing alliances, both economic and military, with other coun ...

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f IT to spread the message of deforestation, global warming, and other issues? Well it is true that GreenPeace and the WWF and other organisations can spread their message using the Internet. But agai ... sts better, makes our voice better heard. But the flip side to this is the fact that it is not just GreenPeace who are co-ordinating such peaceful protests, but militants are also co-ordinating not so ...

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Nuclear Capabilites

d Nuclear Power: Time to End the Experiment. It was written by Pete Roche, a nuclear campaigner for Greenpeace. He has a degree in Ecological Science from Edinburgh University. He also worked for the ...

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Business proposal

thousand miles we fly, we would plant a tree. Also, as we are affiliated with organisations such as Greenpeace we would be donating a percentage of our profits to them. And because we are trying our b ...

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Opposing Genetically Modified Organisms

danger to society and the many other life forms that exist on our planet interrupts such a process.Greenpeace is perhaps the biggest organization in opposition to genetically modified organisms. Gree ... ar, oceans, ocean dumping, forests and the somewhat novel area of genetic engineering. According to Greenpeace, genetically modified organisms must not be released in the environment, as the consequen ...

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Globalization And Glocalization

it is said "think global, act local" might be the key motto for an organized resistance and I think Greenpeace use it successfully.Today's presentation about working mechanism and activism politics of ... ivism and I say always that if something is actual or individual then it is political too. Although Greenpeace has based its actions on environmental protection, it also concerns with creating a polit ...

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t the act of genetic engineering, as was even admitted by a strong opponent of genetic engineering, Greenpeace.Additionally, please note that Ms. Masten has misconstrued the example of Gerber baby foo ... was not removed because of a health danger or inadequate labeling but rather this recall came from Greenpeace for environmental reasons.Please consider also that the affirmative plan, besides being u ...

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

flow of the tides, and in the center there is a slow clockwise spiral that has collected the trash (Greenpeace, 2008). All this plastic wouldn't be such a problem if it didn't have any harmful effects ... innate ability to soak up chemicals, which in turn is getting into the animals and poisoning them (Greenpeace, 2008). Organisms are also finding their way onto these floating pieces and traveling out ...

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Attitude Survey Paper

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