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Business NameThe name of my business is Airbus International.

PurposeThe purpose of my company is to provide cheap, efficient and affordable travel for the majority of the public. It will not be overpriced and will have a comfortable and satisfying décor which will provide value for money. However it will also have a business class for those wanting more comfort and luxury and also for those customers travelling due to their work. It is primarily there to raise a profit, but will also be donating a percentage of their earnings to charity to help raise awareness for both the charity and the airline. For every thousand miles we fly, we would plant a tree. Also, as we are affiliated with organisations such as Greenpeace we would be donating a percentage of our profits to them. And because we are trying our best to be eco friendly, we are going to be using bio diesel to fuel all our flights.

My airline will be attempting to fill in the gap in the market for cheap and efficient air travel. Though there are many airlines offering to provide consumers with cheap travel, they are not 100% efficient. Also their planes a substandard; the planes are at a mediocre level in terms of comfort, food and customer service. At this point there is no airline available yet that is aiming to fulfil these requirements that my airline endeavours to do,and furthermore there is no airline out there attempting to satisfy these specific consumer needs.

Target AudienceMy target audience is mostly working class families, along with business' sending their employees out of town away on work related business, but also for individual travellers going away on holiday. This airline would offer different incentives for different people. Most average families may find airlines are too expensive for their budget, and the cheaper options may not be appealing to them. But like the latter with Airbus Int. they would find the prices cheaper nonetheless it would not be off-putting. They would like the image we would be portraying of the company, which is that of a welcoming and heartening place which welcomes all types of people.

In addition to that, companies sending their employees off on business can become the company's regular clients, which will increase the airlines client base and can ensure that the business men and women enjoy the familiarity and comfort of the airline so that they select Airbus Int. as their flight. Also we could provide them a credit card, for which they could get a free flight after every 5 flights they book on that card. This would provide them with another incentive to travel with our airline, and also present another opportunity for the company to make profits. Individuals travelling alone will also find the plane is to their liking as it will not have an atmosphere which would fluster them; Airbus Int. would make a special effort to help them before and during the trip to meet their expectations. Our planes are also available to charter for customers wanting more privacy and comfort during their trip.

Mission StatementAirbus International has a mission to provide comfortable and affordable on time travel for many types of consumers. They are committed to provide cost effective transportation with a high quality service along with a sense of warmth, friendliness and company spirit. We value customer service as well as customer satisfaction.