Was the group privileged or oppressed?

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'Scribes' possessed a great importance in the ancient Egypt as they were directly related to the king for receiving their orders and were directly responsible for obeying them. Sometimes they also serve as a prime minister to the king and carry on the accounts for taxes and income of the state. They were educated and used to be well educated because education was needed for achieving these kinds of jobs and in this way person was more valued because only some people were literate and they were the only ones on whom the king could relay for his official work. So, they were privileged because they were superior due to their education skills and therefore were given more right and freedoms than a regular class man. If they commit any crime, they were not given any death penalties like peasants and slaves, they could just get away with it by just giving some fines.

Scribes were kind of rich and they were counted as upper class from all other economical classes.

The most respected and privileged among all the others were the 'Pharaoh' which had all kind of right and freedom. People used to think that pharaoh is a son of a god and he is the messenger of a god. In that time people used to worship pharaohs instead of gods directly. All the land of Egypt was considered as the land of a pharaoh and all the wealth enjoyed by the Egyptians was considered as result of generosity of the pharaoh. Pharaohs were the richest and was the one who made and carries out laws for the other lower classes. Scribes, nobles and priests were the one who carries out every work for the pharaoh. They used to be very wealthy and used to get...