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Guion Bluford was born on November 22, 1942 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He had a full family, with his father Guion Bluford Sr., two brothers and mother Lolita Bluford (who was a special education teacher.) As a child Guion's favorite hobbies were swimming, jogging, racquetball, handball, scuba diving and golf. Later in his life, he got married to a woman named Linda Tull. In his marriage, they had two sons' names James Bluford and Guion III Bluford.

From the research I done on Guion Bluford, I learned that he takes his education very seriously. I mean he did go to 3 different colleges/universities. His interest was science/technology, business and the air force. The first university Guion went to was Pennsylvania State University in 1964. When he graduated (standard 4 years in a university) he went to Air Force Institute of Technology in 1947. Four years later he graduated again with a doctor's degree of philosophy in aerospace.

Bluford then graduated again in the University of Houston for Business. In total, Guion Bluford has bachelors, two masters and a doctor's degree.

The first time he got interested in being an astronaut was in 1979. I think Guion Bluford was interested in this career because the things he majored in in college were similar to the career of an astronaut. For instance, before he was an astronaut, he was already an engineer. Then, one of his jobs was to actually design and build machines that astronauts needed to use. So, I think Guion Bluford was destined to be in space.

The job he had was to be an engineer. When you are an engineer it means that you build and/or design equipment. He got into the field because he had technical assignments with space station operations. But he officially decided to become...