Gun Control

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The ever growing issue of gun control in America today raises some serious questions which leave us to wonder what can be done about it and how we can satisfy both sides. There are many arguments against gun control, but there are also contradictory arguments for it. We can look at both sides and try to come to a solution which will please the pros AND the cons. This is important in today's society, which relys heavily on firearms for protection. Gun control is a very sensitive subject for some, such as those involved in the NRA, or those involved in a state militia. They believe that gun control will take away their rights as Americans to bear arms as stated in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. America has changed since the Constitution was written, and now the question is raised, "Should Americans have this right?". Obviously, no democracy can survive without a free voice.

Many Americans remain commited to the constitutional right to bear arms even when, at times, this right has been abused by people such as criminals or careless people. But the fact remains that we must do something to prevent these events without taking away our rights.

(this will explain the cons of gun control, like people who don't want to regulate them)

The authors of the Bill of Rights knew that a democratic republic has a right- indeed, a need- to keep and bear arms. Millions of American citizens just as adamantly believe the Second Amendment is crucial to the maintenance of the democratic process. Manly express this belief through the National Rifle Association, yet some who oppose this freedom want to waive the constitutionality of the "gun control" question for the sake of their particular brand of social reform. In doing...