Gun Control

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Gun Control

Against Gun Control

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For many years now gun rights have been a popular subject among both the younger and older generations. Many people argue that the right to hold guns should be effective, and other people argue that stricter handgun control laws are necessary to save lives. The truth is that guans are an effective tool, and not to mention a constitutional right (Woods, 38-42). American citizens have a right to bear handguns and licensing and stricter laws will not efficiently protect human life.


In the current American society there are between approximately 100 and 140 million guns. Since the beginning of man there has been murder, theft, and power struggles. Who is to argue that the gun is accountable for this error of the human kind? Gunpowder was not invented until several of years after the first human being. The bottom line is the sale of guns to private citizens should not be banned in the U.S.

Americans have a constitutional right to own, and keep in our possession, a handgun. Handguns are an effective tool and the right should always stay in effect. Handguns effectively save many people's lives from criminals. The age limit for owning a handgun should be 32 years because many people under that age are too reckless. The ideal thing would be for a parent to hold a handgun and protect the family. Thomas Jefferson had one of the great intellectual argument on gun control, he said Laws that prohibit the holding arms...deactivate merely those who are neither disposed nor resolute to commend crimes...Such laws create things poorer for the beaten and better for the .attacker. This is why we have a 2nd amendment that gives us the right to caring arms.

The Second Amendment stated,' A...