What happend in the Revolutionary War?

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Independence from England was very important to the American patriots. It was very important to them because they have long wanted freedom and liberty. It is said in the Declaration of Independence, that all men are created equal and have equal rights. The American patriots have done a lot to gain their freedom from the British.

The British Parliament did not succeed in taxing the colonists. The colonists were against taxation without representation because they thought it was very unfair. The Parliament would tax the colonist for many things. There were many acts because of the many taxes. One of them was the Stamp Act, which was when the colonist would pay for stamps which needed to put on paper all the items that you own. Another one was the Quartering Act. The colonist had to pay for the soldiers there food, supplies, and weapons. Many riots occurred because of these acts, which ultimately led to the war.

The colonies united because of the high taxes that the British made, also, because they wanted freedom from the British. All the rebels who protested came together to form a mob and they would repeal the British laws. They were tired of the British being there and they wanted to do something about it. They would riot and terrorize the British colonies interests. They would burn the houses of the British leaders and kill them.

On July 4, 1776, the colonists formally declared independence from the British. They signed a document called, "The Declaration of Independence." At least 55 delegates signed the Declaration of Independence. It was written by a colonist named Thomas Jefferson. The document said that all men are created equal. There were short comings to the declaration such as slavery. People would question whether or not slaves and women...