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The Life of Harry Houdini

By Tom Lalicki

This biography is called Spellbinder The Life of Harry Houdini. It is written by Tom Lalicki. This book is about the life of the most famous magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini.

March 24, 1874. The day when a Jewish baby was born in Budapest, Hungary. This baby's name was Ehrich Weiss. He was the son of Mayer Samuel Weiss and Cecilia Weiss. Ehrich had three brothers, William, Nathan, and Theodore. However, when the family moved to Appletown, Wisconsin, U.S.A., they later had two more sons, Leopold and Gladys in 1878. In 1883 "Ehrich, Prince of Air" performed in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, backyard. Unfortunately, Ehrich, at the age of 12, ran away to Texas looking for a job. It turned out that in 1891 Ehrich took the stage name Harry Houdini. At first, he was not so popular traveling America with a circus.

However, once he found a man by the name Martin Beck, Harry wanted him to be his manager. From there on, he was starting to be known in every country in the world. He performed escape tricks such as the Nude Jail Cell Escape, and the Illustrated Mirror handcuffs. In 1910, Houdini was the first to fly a successful airplane flight on the continent of Australia. Houdini was the most famous escape artist in the world until 1926, Houdini's biggest show opened on Broadway; on October 31, he died from peritonitis following an appendectomy. I learned that no person should ever try what Houdini did because just one mistake doing your act could take your life away as it did to Ehrich.

I chose Harry Houdini because I like magic tricks. Escape artist and magicians fascinated me when I was growing up as a kid. I...