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English 200

Personal Narrative

Magic is Believing in your Dreams

My life is a shopping cart, with someone else's stuff in it, but with me paying for it. Every major decision of my life had been taken by someone else for both better and worse. Let it be with the courses which I took or who I made friends with, everything had been shaped and decided by people around me and not me. Even though most of the decisions were made in goodwill, I thought that I should have the final say in them. The day I took a stand and started making my own decisions was fairly recent. I figured out that all I needed to fix this and start living my life the way that I wanted was by keeping certain things a secret. Though the solution was a fairly straightforward one, but the more vital thing was realizing my state of dependence.

As silly as it may sound this realization came from "a piece of art," a series of books; The Harry Potter series.

Growing up I was always surrounded by "Potterheads" in school and had always told them that I would never read any of the silly and childish Harry Potter books; However, due to all the craze around the series it remained impossible to not come across any of the movies. Somewhat naturally I ended up liking the movie and warmed up to the idea of reading the book. When I began reading the first book of this exceptionally long series, I got amazed by how much the book caught my attention. His world which can be described as boring, dull and unexciting could be compared to the backwaters that I belonged to, but his endeavor which ended him up...