Has Communism Been Good for Cuba?

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How does one define the word "good?" If something is good, is it helpful? Profitable? Satisfactory? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, when something is good, it can be relied on, it's loyal, and it's true. Communism is misunderstood by many Americans. This is mainly due to a lack of knowledge of what it truly is. Before one can decide whether Communism fits the definition of good, one must first understand what this type of government is. Communism is a theory that was proposed by a German philosopher named Karl Marx. Under Communism there is no private property, instead, all property is owned by the state. In addition, no one works for a profit, but rather for the state. There is no need to work for a profit because a committee in the government controls the economy and evenly distributes land and wealth among all the people, eliminating social classes. This is the type of government that Cuba has established, and when looking at the political, economical, and social aspects of Cuba as it is, it is evident that Communism has been good for Cuba.

Despite everything Cuba has going against them, Castro and his communist policies have benefited the economy of Cuba greatly. The U.S.A. has had an embargo placed on Cuba since the 1960's and the Soviet Union cut off resources in the early 1990's. Even with these 2 factors making a huge blow to the economy of Cuba, Fidel Castro has been able to stabilize the economy of Cuba. After the Soviet Union cut off supplies, the economy of Cuba suffered great losses. However, with economic reforms, Fidel Castro has been able to increase the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), or total value of goods and services produced in a year, of Cuba in recent years. In...