Has Lomborg taken a reasonable stand on the issue of a global environmental crisis?

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"Acid rain did not kill our forests, our species are not dying out as many have claimed, with half of them disappearing over the next 50 years - the figure is likely to be about 0.7 percent. The problem of the ozone layer has been more or less been solved. The current outlook on the development of global warming does not implicate a catastrophe - rather, there is good reason to believe that our energy consumption will change towards renewable energy sources way before the end of the century. Indeed, the catastrophe seems rather in spending our resources unwisely on curbing present carbon emissions at high cost instead of helping the developing countries and increasing non-fossil fuel research. And finally, our chemical worries and fear of pesticides are misplaced and counter-productive. First, phasing out pesticides will probably waste resources and actually cause more cancer. Secondly, the main causes of cancer are not chemicals but our own lifestyles."

- Lomborg, B. (1998) The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Has Lomborg taken a reasonable stand on the issue of a global environmental crisis?

Bjorn Lomborg is a Danish statistician that claims to be an environmentalist. He has recently written a book, "The Skeptical Environmentalist" attacking environmentalism. Lomborg's book had been "methodically trashed by world leading scientists writing in the most prestigious journals. Lomborg's intention for the book was to use statistical evidence to disprove what he calls the 'litany' of the big four environmental fears - exhaustion of natural resources, overpopulation, extinction of species and worsening pollution.

The issues of climate change and energy are set to dominate global politics in the twenty first century. Already we have seen unprecedented heatwaves which killed thousands of people in Europe and India, and the invasion...