Hate in Our Society

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HATE IN OUR SOCIETY In Andrew Sulivan's article "What So Bad About Hate" and Dave Culle's "Inside the Columbine High Investigation," both authors talk about hate and its impressions on our society. Sullivan says that there is no way to abolish hate, but that we have to learn to live with it. Cullen states that all the rumors spread about the columbine high school killings are untrue. Both authors share common ideas about hate, how it affects our society and how hate derives within hate.

In Cullen's article, he states that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were "equal-opportunity haters, railing against minorities and whites, praising Hitler's final solution and then ranting against racism" (cullen 1). They hated everything. Therefore the rumors about them of having chose their victims because of their social, skin, religion or beliefs are untrue. The people they killed were the unlucky ones. Every victim was a way of discharging their hate.

Cullen does not go so deep in talking about hate as Sullivan does in his article.

Sullivan gives various examples of hate crimes. He says that he wonders, again and again, of how the transformation from hate to violence occurs. "I am still drawn, again and again, to the flash of ignition, the moment when fear and loathing became hate, the instant of transformation."(1) He states that there is no way to define hate or how it originated. Hate will always be in America, "a free country will always mean a hateful country," and we will have to learn to live with it or "co-exist despite it" (8).

Both authors agree that hate derives from hate. Cullen stated that investigator found out that Harris and Klebold were often called names in school and that they were even outcast from the so-called Trench Coat Mafia.