Hate Speech

Essay by vika March 2004

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Hate crimes are done too frequently in the United States. Although we have laws that supposedly regulate them, many campus students still feel the need to commit acts of violence on students that are different than them. Many of these crimes originate with some sort of hate speech. Some students don't find anything wrong with verbally abusing another student. Hate speech obviously leads to hate crimes and keeps humans separated. Also when following the laws correctly, hate speech is not allowed. These are all reasons why I am against hate speech on student campus.

Hate speech directs people to commit hateful crimes. The difference between hate crimes and regular crimes is that hate crimes are committed to a person because of his/her differences. Some examples of differences would be their gender, race, hair color, body shape, intelligence, sexual orientation, etc. Hate speech doesn't have to be direct talking. Hate speech can now be down on the Internet or through magazine; and more people are using the Internet to publicize their vile beliefs.

Imagine how many other hate crimes were committed that weren't even reported to the police. Many people with the same hateful beliefs form groups to "take on" the specific people they hate. A typical gang is based on hating someone who isn't like them.

Tension rises when intolerant people talk. It's not bad when it's only one person, but imagine your whole community being vocally against you. To lessen the tension that arose in the past, people are still being segregated. Segregations on campuses increased in the last decade. Segregation is still a problem across the country though. Black students now attend predominantly minority schools, or schools with very few white students. It is not just black people that are segregated either. Latino segregations is students attend a...