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It was the first day of year six camp and it was all about Erica. Erica this, Erica that, Erica! Well that’s what she thought. She honestly only thought about one person and that person was herself, she knew she was going to be the star of the show one day but what she didn’t no was that one day was next week.

“Erica” Miss Belmont said, “Erica, have you finished writing the scripts for the play?”“No” Erica replied. Well stop dreaming and get on with it. Miss Belmont was the one and only teacher who could control her class. It was like she always had power over them, even Barry Hollis. Erica hated her class but Alison Ashley was like a shining star. She envied her. Sometimes Erica thought about what life would be like without Alison a living hell in her words.

It was time the scripts had been written now it was time to act.

All the actors headed for the stage. Erica was given the leading role so she knew she had to stand out from the crowd. “Lights, camera, action!” Miss Belmont yelled. The cameras were rolling, Erica looked beautiful. She was dressed in her costume, and the glass slippers really topped it off, along with all the jewels. You could tell that everyone wished they were Erica by the expressions one their faces, but all of the characters had their own beauty even Barry Hollis, the prince of the play. Many people thought he was far from royal but acting was just one of his hidden talents, Maybe down the track he will be treated with royalty, thought Erica.

Everything was going to plan, no one had messed up not one line in their scripts. It was like all of them were born to act, but we couldn’t keep our hopes up as it was only the first scene of the play. “Cut” yelled Miss Belmont the cameras stopped. They were all cheering, in joy! Day one of the year six camp had come to an end.

All of the year sixes had woke up to another day with new experiences, the birds were singing, and the sun was shining. It was going to be another long, hard working day for all of them. Miss Belmont had called a meeting for all the cast to attend, she started blabbering on about how everything has to be perfect, Erica took it all onboard although she always thought she was perfect.

After the meeting it was back to the stage, all was going well until Margaret, tripped over a prop and broke her ankle, there were people all over the place it looked like untamed animals had just escaped from the zoo. For some people it was a relief that Margaret wasn’t in the play, as not many people liked her I thought she was a bit of a freak myself. Margaret got rushed to the nearest hospital, she was crying, but she was always crying about one thing or another.

Before we new it the sun was down and the moon was out.

Many days had past and it was down to the last night before the performance so Miss Belmont organised a celebration as she thought they deserved it from all the hard work they had put into the past few days.

“Today is the day!” said Miss Belmont excitedly “ Your all going to make me proud”. Everyone was excited and nervous at the same time we rehearsed the play over and over again, then came the make-up and costumes all of the girls looked stunning whilst the boys looked hansom.

Guests had started to arrive there were families from all different students in the play, then their was Lennie and Erica’s Mum they were just so excited to see her it were just as if they had won gold lotto. Two of the students were guiding the guests to their dedicated seats, the audience were now in place, but no one knew that that Miss Belmont had organised for a famous director to be part of the audience, not even Erica well I suppose it was good that Miss Belmont never mentioned anything as they would probably all freak out and have a panic attack.

The Lights were dimmed, the stage was set, everyone was in place, let the show begin!There was a sudden silence, then it was like fire works exploding in the sky on a dark night, everyone sparkled, especially Erica Yuk!The crowd was cheering and loved the performance. After everyone had settled down Miss Belmont went up to the centre stage and alongside a middle aged looking man in a black suit, with black shoes and a black tie, no one had any idea that he was a director, than both of them announced exactly who he was and what his job was you would of thought that would have been enough excitement for the night, but when they added in that he was filming an upcoming movie and needed extra actors their jaws just dropped!Erica thought she had already made it big, being the lead role in the year six play but when she got offered a job as an actress she knew her career had only just began and her dreams were finally coming true!