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On the 20th of July 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon. The crew consisted of Neil A. Armstrong, Commander; Michael Collins, Command Module Pilot; and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., Lunar Module Pilot. They spent 22 hours exploring the surface of the moon before heading back to earth.

Although this is the account that is in all of our history books, there are many people who believe that the moon has never been landed on in fact some believe that it isn't even possible for us to leave earth due to the Van Allen belts which surround earth. The Van Allen Belts are bands of concentrated radiation. This is taken by some scientists to mean that we could not have left earth, as you would need inches of lead to protect the astronauts from the radiation that they would encounter. Dr. James Van Allen, one of the most eminent space scientists and former head of the Physics and Astronomy Department, in the University of Iowa was against space travel.

Not because he believes that the Van Allen belts, that he discovered could not be passed through but because of the long term effects that weightlessness during space travel could cause for example atrophy and weakening of the bones also the affects of the cosmic radiation would have over a long period of time like a two year trip to Mars.

"We never went to the Moon" This is from an interview with William Kaysing, who claims to have insider knowledge of Rocketdyne, a company that once employed him. This company was involved in the construction of the Lunar Landers. Kaysing left the job before work on the Moon Landers began yet he still claims to be an expert on the subject even though he was not even involved in the engineering side of the job he was involved in cataloguing documents. Kaysing is considered to be the Father of the Moon Landing Hoax.

Others totally disagree with Kaysing and say that he is not qualified to make such judgements, as he wasn't involved in any scientific work but still claims to be an expert in the field. Kaysing attempted to sue James Lovell, an astronaut for calling him 'wacky' but it did not matter that William called Lovell 'a fraud' and 'a liar'. The case was thrown out of court.

A photographer, David Percy is one of the believers of the shadow theories. This theory is that the pictures could not have been taken on the moon as the shadows did not line up and in some case went in two different directions, which would mean that there was more than one source of light. This theory was disproved as the different angles of the shadows can be explained by the fact that the ground is uneven which can cause the shadows to point in different directions.

Bart Sibrel claims that a video he owns and sells online shows the Apollo11 crew faking shots but it is claimed that they were only practising for a live interview that was to take place later. Sibrel is willing to sell his video to the public for a fee of course. Not only does the video not prove his claims that the shots were faked but he is charging the public for NASA property, which is public domain therefore he is charging the public for something they already own.

One of the most common theories that lead people to believe that we haven't been to the moon is that the cross hair etched into the camera is sometimes shown behind an object, which on the surface seems impossible unless the photographs had been doctored. There is evidence that these photographs could be legitimate and still show the cross hair behind objects. Some scientists say that anything that is white or extremely light could reflect light enough to obscure the cross hair and make it seem behind an object or even totally hide it.

Another coincidence that makes people believe that we have not been to the moon is that in two separate photographs had the same back ground. Some believe this shows that the photographs were taken in a sound studio. Others say that it is the angle that the pictures were taken at simply shows that they were taken in the same direction therefore they have the same background but a different foreground.

Some believe that the proof that no one has ever landed on the moon is that there are no craters from the Moon Landers, which with the thrust of the rockets they should have left deep craters. Others say that this would not have happened on the moon as the calculations used were done with earth's gravity but the moon has only one sixth of out gravity so the thrust wouldn't be as great so it would only take off the top few centimetres of soil which in some photographs can be seen with the clouds of dust.

For all the theories that I have shown there is ways of proving them wrong but does that mean that they are necessarily wrong, could we all be in the dark to an international conspiracy? Which we are all in the dark about as if being protected from something.

I believe that we never went to the moon, as although all the evidence has a likely explanation for all of the anomalies doesn't mean that it isn't a further cover up to stop the public from knowing the truth.

I guess everyone has to decide for himself or herself once they know all the facts and are willing to keep an open mind to everything, even what may seem to be the impossible.