Having children over six years apart

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Having Children Over Six Years Apart

My parents have made the perfect example of having children over six years apart. My siblings and I all have drastic age differences; the biggest age gap between all of us is twenty years! As of now in my life, I have come to realize that there are more disadvantages than advantages in these large age gaps. In addition, I realize that the older we get the older my parents get and how hard it has become for them.

I have one brother and two sisters. My brother is the eldest at the age of thirty-two. My sister, coming in second is twenty-six. I am eighteen and the youngest, which is my little sister, is twelve. My family when we are apart we have much rivalry. My older brother is never seen because he is married and has children he is always too busy with that.

My sister has a very strong attitude "it's my way or the highway" you can never change the way she thinks once she has her mind set. I am very calm but disastrous. My little sister the youngest of us all is the cream of the crop. She is a mixture of all of our attitudes put together. A procrastinator like my brother, strong will like my sister and understanding like me. Most of the time we do not get along because we all clash. We are so different in age that we do not think alike at all. We are so different in age that we do not think alike at all. We all have different ages in experience.

Another reason having such large age differences is difficult is because not only are we so different and clash but we do not know much about each...