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At 12 I was insecure about my body... My body had become more womanly; I got boobs and a waist and at a time where I was beginning to understand my new womanly body (these) three boys degraded me by (joking) about having a threesome with me...They said things like "we're going to sandwich you," "you'd probably like us to," and "I get the face you can have her bottom parts." I was innocent! I had never kissed a guy and they're talking about having sex with me. I couldn't concentrate on the teacher... it made me feel horrible and uneasy about my body and they laughed the whole time.


Many young girls today experience this kind of discrimination and degradation throughout their years in the public education system. Not only are girls disrespected in the school system but they are neglected by not having a more reality-based sex education program.

Another inequality in the school system between boys and girls is the lack of standardized testing and general education geared towards females. Though I do not argue that inequalities between girls and boys in the public school system has not improved over time, gender disparity still exists and needs to be eliminated by implementing major changes in public education.

Gender discrimination is not as bad as it used to be, but it still exists in the harmful form of sexual harassment. According to the American Association of University Women, "Thirty-one percent of girls experienced harassment 'often,' compared to only 18 percent of boys (1)" . Though boys still experience sexual harassment, girls experience it at a significantly higher rate and are more affected by it. Some argue that the actual rate of sexual harassment is lower than the rate reported using the to broadened definition given by...