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Where is Kingcome? The setting of many pieces of literature is an important factor that influences the actions of the characters. This is the case in I Heard The Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven. Mark changed the most from the setting. The tribe accepted him living in Kingcome. The tribe put him to the test and he passed. He didn't ask for help on any task, he accomplished it himself. He knew he was one of them when the tribe offered help to build his new vicarage. Keetah's sister was also changed because she didn't like living in the village and went to Canada's mainland to find attention there.

"They lived where they had always lived. They fished as they had always fished, known for their culture that was perhaps the most highly developed of any native band on the continent." (12) This quote describes how the Indians had lived, and hopefully always will live without the white mans influence.

They are able to hunt, fish and live like their ancestors have because of the location of the village. The village is on an island off the coast of Canada. Because it is away from the mainland and has little white man's influence, they can fish and hunt like they always have. The Canadian Government does recognize that the village exists but they have many restrictions on the Indians. Indians cannot buy alcohol until about half way into the book. When the tribe was allowed to buy the alcohol they spent $4,000 in the first month on alcohol, this is more than an Indian's salary for an entire year. They cannot bury the dead without the permission of the RCMP man. Since they are so isolated they have to wait a few days or sometimes a week, depending...