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Finding Heart Disease in Young, Healthy Men Men's Fitness October 2001 Article Summary - This article is mainly about heart disease in young healthy men. For a long time it was thought that total cholesterol and LDL (which is defined as the bad cholesterol) are the primary indicators of heart disease. Now it is believed that there are at least three other factors. Even though many people try to prevent coronary heart disease by exercising and following a healthy and balanced diet, certain men are more apt to developing coronary heart disease (according to Robert Bulgarelli). Two of the three other culprits are homocysteine and C-reactive proteins, they are thought to scar blood-vessel linings which leads to the further development of plaque. There is evidence of inflammation which leads scientist to believe that a bacteria or virus might be contributing to the atherosclerotic process. This theory was reinforced after the enzyme phospholipase A2 was found.

Men who had high levels of homocysteine and C-reactive proteins were found to be three times as likely to develop heart disease than average men. The were also more likely to suffer from a cerebrovascular accident. Luckily there have been certain substances found like folic acid that can put the production of homocysteine under control. Other substances like vitamin E were found to prevent C-reactive protein related heart attacks and strokes. Doctor's still recommend that people stick to a healthy diet.

Article Critique - A.) This article is important because it gives information that could affect many young men. It shows that heart disease is not only brought on by high cholesterol but also by other factors like C-reactive protein and homocysteine.

B.) I think that this is fairly scary, besides being overweight I now find out that there are other factors that could lead...