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ut contain RNA instead. Depending on the organism, most DNA is found within a single chromosomelike bacteria, or in several chromosomes like most other living things. (Heath, 110) DNA can also be foun ... DNA can also be foundoutside of chromosomes. It can be found in cell organelles such as plasmids in bacteria, also in chloroplasts inplants, and mitochondria in plants and animals.All DNA molecules co ...

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Ecosystems of Hydrothermal Vents

Basic study on Chemosynthesis. Good job, maybe a little more on the bacteriaA group of scientists were searching for hydrothermal vents in order to find moreevidence on ... osome whichcontains bacterium, while the clams contain bacterium in their gills. The purpose for thebacteria is to convert the hydrogen sulfide into a form of energy that can be used byanother organis ... into a form of energy that can be used byanother organism. The energy is then transferred from the bacteria to complete thesymbiotic relationship. In this ecosystem the bacteria take the place ...

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species, on up to the array of natural ecosystems.' This includes plants, animals, insects, fungi, bacteria, and all microorganisms. All of these things create what is known as a web. These things in ...

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aneous generation. After him there was Robert Koch, who developed a method of isolating and growing bacteria. Scientists tried developing drugs that could kill microbes, but they proved to be either d ... was a discovery by Alexander Fleming. He detected that a substance he called 'penicillin' destroyed bacteria. Then in the late 1930's, two British scientists invented a method of extracting penicillin ...

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Anthrax This essay is simply entitled Anthrax. It is a brief description of the bacteria Anthrax and its effects on various aspects of life.

Anthrax is one of the oldest known diseases caused by the bacteria bacillus anthracis. One theory about this disease is that anthrax was the Fifth Plague of E ... ax was the Fifth Plague of Egypt mentioned in The Bible. Casimir Davaine first saw these rod-shaped bacteria in 1850. In 1876, Robert Koch discovered that bacillus anthracis caused the Anthrax disease ...

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The Immune System

ing substances that can invade the body. Thesesubstances include disease-causing organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, andviruses. The body's ability to resist these invaders is called immuni ... ns when pathogens or poisons invade the human body. Pathogens are disease-causing organisms such as bacteria and viruses. The immune system reacts to foreignsubstances through a series of steps know a ...

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Life in England and France in the 14th century was full of unrest and uncertainty. The effects of war, disease (bubonic plague) and famine led to huge deaths in Europe.

e. The cause of the disease was unknown at the time, but many factors aided in the spreading of the bacteria. A climate change occurred in Europe, leading to the beginning of a famine. Because of this ... imals began to become weak and vulnerable to disease. These factors, along with the increase in the bacteria Bacillus led to the beginning of the Black or Bubonic plague. With nearly one third of the ...

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Diphtheria (Corynebacterium diphtheriae)

Corynebacteria are Gram-positive, aerobic, nonmotile, rod-shaped bacteria related to theActinomycetes. The ... ic arrangements resembling Chinese letters.The genus Corynebacterium consists of a diverse group of bacteria including animal andplant pathogens, as well as saprophytes. Some corynebacteria are part o ... is Corynebacterium diphtheriae, the causal agent of thedisease diphtheria.History and BackgroundNo bacterial disease of humans has been as successfully studied as diphtheria. Theetiology, mode of tra ...

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Leprosy ; includes what bacteria it is caused by, the orgin of the disease, how many people are affected by it in the united states and in alaska during 1999 and 2000, and more. 3 pages long.

's Disease. Leprosy is caused by the organism mycobacterium leprae. The pathogen that carries it is bacteria. Throughout the years people have suspected that inhaling and touching the bacteria could s ... hite patches of skin, lumps on several parts of the body, and fingers and toes may curl inward. The bacteria of leprosy can sometimes cause blindness. If leprosy is not treated nerves can be severely ...

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Fluoridation of municiple water supplies, the risks and benefits

the tooth structure stronger, so teeth are more resistant to acid attacks. Acid is formed when the bacteria in plaque break down sugars and carbohydrates from the diet. Repeated acid attacks break do ...

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Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria

For about 50 years, antibiotics have been the answer to many bacterial infections.Antibiotics are chemical substances that are secreted by living things. Doctors ... nds. It was the beginning of the antibiotic era. But just whenantibiotics were being mass produced, bacteria started to evolve and became resistant to thesemedicines.Antibiotic resistance can be the r ... e more times you use a drug, the more it will decrease the effect it has on you. That isbecause the bacteria has found a way to avoid the effects of that antibiotic. Another cause ofresistance is the ...

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Mononucleus - Bacteria

Good Essay noneBacteriaThe smallest living things on earth are the prokaryotic cells. Bacteria fall into the Monera ... called bacilli, and spiral shaped cells called spirilli. There are over 16,000 species of monerans.Bacteria Showing Flagella Disease Causing BacteriaTwo main groups of bacteria exist: the saprophytes ... ls and plants into their constituting elements, making them available as food for plants. Symbiotic bacteria are a normal part of many human tissues, including the alimentary canal and the skin, where ...

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Theories of Evolution

ging environment. The earliest known fossil organisms are the single-celled forms resembling modern bacteria; they date from about 3.4 billion years ago. Evolution has resulted in successive radiation ... 's primitive environment.The earliest organisms that still exists would be cells, resembling modern bacteria. These simple unicellular forms(procaryotes) were at first anaerobic, but they diversified ...

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Creation, Evolution and Intervention

earth. The earliest fossils ever discovered are from single celled organisms which resemble today's bacteria. People who believe in evolution believe that for approximately 3.4 billion years these sin ...

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Escherichia coli

- -BiologyEscherichia coliEscherichia coliEscherichia coli is an Enterobactericeae bacteria. This family name is derived from the fact that nearly all species in it, more or less, con ... pecies Escherichia coli. This bacterium is so common that its name has come to describe all similar bacteria as "coliform" or coli-like.These enterobacteria are gram-negative, nonspore-forming straigh ... nfections and are transmitted in water and milk. E. coli is very similar to Salmonella and Shigella bacteria and can only be distinguished during biochemical tests in a laboratory.E. coli is present i ...

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This essay disproves that "Cheating is always wrong" and "there is an absolute reality"

ng comes from the medicines that are generated from the minds of scientists to fight the disease or bacteria causing one to die. Using technology or intelligence, the virus is defeated. Should one sto ...

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EGYPT--Description of Egyption culture, mummification, government and religion of ancient egypt--also a comparison with modern Egypt

ide.In the second step, the body was washed with wine. The alcohol in the wine was used to kill the bacteria. The body was then stuffed with cloth or other kinds of material to help it dry and keep it ...

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Myth about why people are fat

clever god and he penalized any wicked people who broke his many laws of food. He used poisons and bacteria such as E-coli and Salmonella along with other methods. The people understood that if they ...

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Research Paper on bacterial colonies in households. Includes technical information on different bacterial growth factors and examples.

Which household surface produces the most amount of bacteria colonies?My hypothesis is that the entrance doorknob contains the greatest amount of bacter ... ce doorknob contains the greatest amount of bacteria/bacteria colonies. I have been fascinated with bacteria and microorganisms ever since a health seminar my father once took me to. I hoped to achiev ... h seminar my father once took me to. I hoped to achieve the fact that people in their domicile that bacteria does exist and can be dangerous, and we should be extremely careful of our hygienic state b ...

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Decomposition of Organic Material.

ght of each specimen would decrease, control A would decrease at a more rapid rate however, because bacteria multiplies quicker in warmer conditions. Every seven days, each bag was weighed, and docume ... e in weight after a period of time, or decrease over a period of time. I first assumed that because bacteria multiply, that it would obviously increase the weight of the subjects. After I reassessed t ...

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