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English 12 3 May 2001 Heaven: The Word of Grace and Glory Every since I was a little girl I knew that heaven was important. I went to church, and I knew that I had to be good so God would hold a spot for me in heaven. I remember singing, ?When I get to Heaven?, from than on I knew wherever heaven was I had to get there. As I got older heaven became more appealing to me. The word would bring up a place in my mind where nothing could go wrong. So heaven was never really just a word to me, it has always been a place of eternal happiness. Somewhere were there is no, oppression, no hatred. Somewhere where everyone could love one another, and be together with God. While researching heaven, I found it hard, just because its such a one sided word. A word that seems to have no enemies, a loved and praised word.

Heaven is defined, in many different ways, but they all seem to have one common point. Britannica defines heaven as, the dwelling place of God, gods, or other spiritual beings and the abode or state of being of the saved, the elect, or the blessed in the afterlife or in the time after the Last Judgment (Britannica). If you are a believer in God this place is the place were you would like to go for afterlife. So heaven is the house of God, and angels, and the ones elected there for afterlife.

The origin of heaven dates back to before the 12th century. It originates from the Anglo-Saxon heofen, hevan, and himil. All from the stemming from the root ham, meaning ?to cover?. Heaven was than known as the space over the earth like a dome. Which is...