John 3

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This paper was written for a "History Of The Old Testamnet" class and deals with John 3 Versus 1 through 36. The first part of the paper are observations/interpretations of the versus, the second part deals with one sentence summarys of verse blocks. Finally there answers to questions dealing with understanding and interpritation of the text.

John 3


1. Though I am an active Christian and believe fully in the power of the Lord, I cannot begin to imagine what it would have been like to be one like Nicodemus, one that has witness to the workings and miracles of the Lord.

2. Nicodemus is portrayed as such a wise and faithful man that can't quite grasp why he seems so ignorant toward knowing the way of rebirth.

3. Again I can't understand how a man as wise and experienced as Nicodemus knows so little about the true way to heaven; when it seems that even the youngest of children today in their purity of heart know that faith and love in God is the way to heaven.

4. In opposition to my last two observations, there seems to be a theme presented through Nicodemus that still exists today. Not to disrespect the elderly in any way, but in verse 4 Nicodemus states that he is an old man and that perhaps much like any elderly person is stuck and stubborn in his way, and has trouble accepting change, the coming of something new, and the understanding of what's to come.

5. In verse 9 Nicodemus questions again the reality and way of rebirth and eternal life. It simply puzzles me that anyone could question the again the words of the Lord. I realize that Nicodemus just doesn't understand how it is possible to be reborn and achieve eternal...