Heinrich Himmler

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Himmler was a very powerful man. He was head of the S.S. and organized the SD. In 1933 he was elected Munich police president and became Commander of the Political Police throughout Bavaria, and in 1934 he became head of the Prussian Police and Gestapo.

Many points could have brought up the growth of Himmler's power. Circumstances of his surroundings at the time, personal qualities, also a helping hand from others also explains the rise of his power.

The status of Himmler's surroundings played a major role in his growth of power. 17th of June 1936 was an important year for the nazi party; this was when the nazi party had introduced and started radicalization. This was the year of that Hitler took over the Rhineland which stated a coalition. Source 1 acknowledges the chaotic system that Hitler was arousing and portrays the question of if the nazi state was a weak system.

Source 2 is a subjective speech that shows tremendous leadership skills by making the S.S. and S.A. agree with each other and compromise with their differences. Himmler shows devotion and diplomacy in the way that he approaches the men.

In 1929 Hitler chose Himmler to lead a group of men who, at the time, were simply bodyguards. Prior to his contributions to the Nazi party, Himmler was a chicken farmer in the German city near Munich. After being recruited by Hitler, Himmler transformed these bodyguards into a dominating force in the Nazi party, which came to strike terror into the hearts of many. The S.S. was a division of the S.A., and was overseen by Rohm.

In June of 1933 the S.S. was ordered to execute all members of the S.A. This attempt by Hitler to gain the Army's favour was a crowning...