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In the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns, written by Khaled Hosseini. The techniques of Relationships, Characters, and Dialogue to symbolise the theme of equal rights for women. The book is set in Afghanistan in the early 1960s-2000. The book is split into 3 parts to use contrast between Mariam's lives in part 1, and Laila's life in part2. The author uses this to show how their lives have developed until part 3, were Mariam, and Laila are both married in a monogamous relationship to a man named Rasheed.

Firstly, the author uses the technique of relationship. This technique portrays to the audience that in the relationship between Rasheed and Mariam, Rasheed is of a higher status, he decides where they go, what they eat, and who they socialize with. Basically she's a gloried servant to Rasheed. An example of his power over her id when he tells her "As a wife you have certain responsibilities, and I expect you to start doing them".

This shows to the audience that in Afghanistan, that in a relationship between a man and a women, the male has more of a say in said relationship.

Secondly, the author has used the technique of Characters to show how the Laila's, and Mariam's lives have hardly any similar qualities to them, the author used this to show that even though they are both young girls who have grown up in Afghanistan, they have experienced many different things throughout their short lives. The Taliban had many different effects to their family lives, and had several negative effects to their future lives. This contrast between the two characters because, it has an impact on the audience, and gives the realisation that even if these two young girls went to college, and manages to get themselves...