Hendrik Antoon Lorentz.

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Title: Lorentz, Hendrik Antoon (1853-1928)

Date: 01-01-1998

Publication: The Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography


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Lorentz, Hendrik Antoon (1853-1928)

was a Dutch physicist who helped to develop the theory of electromagnetism, which was recognized by the award (jointly with his pupil Pieter Zeeman) of the 1902 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Lorentz was born in Arnhem, Holland, on 18 July 1853. He was educated at local schools and at the University of Leyden, which he left at the age of 19 to return to Arnhem as a teacher while writing his PhD thesis on the theory of light reflection and refraction. By the time he was 24 he was Professor of Theoretical Physics at Leyden. He remained there... (600 of 1688 Characters)

Time Line

1870: Obtained his B.Sc. degree in matemathics.

1872: Returned to Arnhem to become a night school teacher.

1875: At the age of 22 he obtained his doctor's degree.

1878: He published an essay on the relation between the velocity of light.

1919: He was appointed chairman of the committee.

1923: He was elected to the membership of the "International committee of intellectual cooperation".

1925: He became the president of the committee.

1928: Lorentz Hendrik's Death.


I would like to be Lorentz Hendric's friend because that way he can teach me Science and Chemestry. So that I can pass Mr. Maynard's class, and I would like to be his friend so he teaches me what sort of things are made up of same or different substances.


The Nobel Prize winner Hendrik A. Lorentz has published an essay on the relation between the velocity of light in a medium and the density and composition there of the result formula, proposed almost simultaneously by the Danish Physist Lorentz, has become known as the Lorentz-Lorentz...