Heroin and the effects it has on your body;treatment and recovery.

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Throughout history drugs have played a large part in our society. We have used drugs for many different purposes and even created laws against them. Today we have a large population that is based around the world of drugs. We use them to kill pain, take us to euphoric states of carelessness and wonder, or even make us forget our problems in life. With hundreds of drugs that we hear about and use everyday one that has played a large roll in history, and that has existed for many centuries is heroin, a drug that many people and uninformed about. I had the chance to see into the life of a heroin addict through the novel, I Know This Much Is True, by Wally Lamb. Throughout this novel a young man named Thomas journeys through life with heavy drug use and mental illnesses. He struggles with the use of heroin and sadly cannot recover.

He is constantly depressed and has a hard time coping with problems, and because of his extreme use of drugs distances himself from all of his family and close friends. He becomes so isolated that he kills himself(Lamb). Like Thomas, many do not realize the intense effects heroin can have on a users body. Heroin takes a hold of a persons mind and changes them into a dependent addictive user who develops both short and long term physical effects which may lead to a series of detoxification treatments and withdrawal.

Opiums and heroin have been around for many years. Throughout these years the use and need for heroin has changed radically. Heroin was first discovered in 1640. This discovery was the beginning of the early opium trade which began and slowly commercialized in China, that lasted between the years of 1640 to 1773. Heroin was...