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Caleb Childress[1: Iliad. Chapter 18. Line 27. 2 Chapter 22. Line 90. 3 Chapter 15. Line 14 ]


How Homer Characterizes War

Homer characterized war by showing the tragic troubles of friends and families. Even the gods become troubled during the times of war. He shows how war dehumanizes people by using words that describe things that don't act for man. The descriptions of deaths in the Iliad are very vivid in all accountable scenes. He shows the reader every possible way on how war is evil.

This quote shows the effects of war on friends.

"A black cloud of grief came shrouding over Achilles. Both hands clawing the ground for soot and filth, he poured it over his head, fouled his handsome… (18, 27)

The captain just reported of Patroclus being killed by Hector to Achilles. Several fights break out over his dead body during the battle.

Many men die trying to bring the body back to the Greek camp. Achilles decides that he won't eat until he has gotten revenge on Hector. Achilles even gets mad at the innocent talking horses for letting him die. Days after Patroclus's funeral, Achilles and the Myrmidons still mourn. This led to a merciless revenge on Hector. Every soldier that dies has someone who cares about him while he is away at war.

Hector's death strongly shows the effect of war on families.

"So the old man groaned and seizing his gray hair tore it out by the roots but he could not shake the fixed resolve of Hector. And his mother wailed now…" (22, 90)

Hectors family watches as his body is dragged around behind Achilles cart. Not only does the family have to deal with the fact their son just died, but also how he is...