The High Renaissance World of Art

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The High Renaissance World of Art

The period of time which I have selected is "The High Renaissance", Europe, Mid to Late 16th Century is considered the time frame of this period. The artist of this time were said to be switching to a more "mannerism" style of work. It is considered to be a period of technical accomplishment but of formulaic, theatrical and overly stylized work. Mannerist Art is characterized by a complex composition, with muscular and elongated figures in complex poses. Just to name a few of the artists Titian, Giorgione and Giovanni Bellini. The three works of art which I have chosen were completed by these three gentlemen. Humanism, which covered the whole fifteenth century, is predominately considered literary; the Renaissance, which spanned the whole sixteenth century, is more cultural and speculative. Humanism and the Renaissance marked the transition period between the Middle Ages and the modern age.

The Renaissance period is filled with Christians affirming their faith to God and Church. Neo-Platonic pantheism is considered the actual thought process during that period though, it was thought that man is a free and independent entity, and is to seek the meaning of all reality. The Neo-Platonic calling said the state was to be considered above all morality, and was called a virtue, while the Protestant Reform was to seek the justification for the individual interpretation of Sacred Scripture. "Neo-Platonism was the heritage which the Renaissance passed on to the following ages; these in turn developed germs of immanentism contained within." (Art history) The High Renaissance period marked a time in history with resurgence in the philosophical schools such as Platonism.

Renaissance art first developed in Italy where examples of Greek and Roman art were in abundance. Three Florentines made crucial contributions: Filippo Brunelleschi developed linear prospective; Lorenzo...