High School Drop-outs. Speaks of how people, teachers, and parents should motivate kids to stay in school

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How can students be motivated to stay in school?

First of all, I think the students should be motivated mainly by their parents and then by their teachers. Parents should motivate their children by telling them how being a high-school graduate will help them in life. The parent may mention how being a high-school graduate helped them or how they were hurt by being a high-school drop-out.

Teachers can help motivate students by making school fun along with the teaching of the regular lessons. Teachers could also invite various people that graduated from high-school and some that were drop-outs to tell their own personal story. This may help students see the reality of being a high-school graduate or that being a high school drop-out can seriously affect that persons' life.

Another thing that should be taken into consideration is that when a parent or teacher is talking to their child or student, the parent or teacher should not focus all on negative ideas.

If they focus on negative ideas, and say such things as, "If you don't finish school then......," then the child could be demotivated instead of being motivated. Parents and teachers should focus mainly on the positive ideas when motivating someone.

How can the lure of drugs and money be overcome?

The lure of drugs and money can be overcome by showing students that drugs can be very bad and that a craving for money can lead a student to steal or anything else to get money, thus ruining their high-school career if they are caught breaking the laws. Once again, certain people can be brought in to talk to the students. I think having an actual person to talk to is better than just watching a video or having the teacher discuss...