How to hire the right personnel.

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Did you ever stop to think why some employers are so good at hiring the right people while others are constantly interviewing because new employees never work out? What does the successful employer do differently, and what can you do to improve your success ratio?

Most people don't have a systematic method of preparing to interview a job candidate; nor do they ask the right questions. Consequently, they can't make the right choices and often end up hiring people for all the wrong reasons. If you make the wrong hiring decisions, all the new-employee training in the world won't bail you out. Or, as someone once said, if you hire tigers and train them, all you have is trained tigers.

Hiring Techniques

Here are some basic techniques that will greatly enhance your chances of choosing the right people. First, get organized and create a system. Review the job behaviors, job description, and job tasks needed.

If you don't know exactly what the desired job behaviors are, you won't have the right information to devise good interview questions.

First and foremost, of course, you want to be sure that the candidates can meet the basic and specific requirements of the job. Pre-screen them by asking certain questions over the phone that can automatically eliminate some; an instance might be to probe their availability for overtime or weekend work.

Decide where to hold the interview because this plays an important role in the interview's quality and in the candidate's decision. The room should be comfortable, quiet, and free from interruptions. The atmosphere must be relaxed and informal.

Seating is important. Make sure there is no obstruction or barrier between you and the candidate. Your desk can act as a barrier to communication, as well as emphasizing your power. Try sitting to the...