His-her problem, analytical response to the essay by anne fadiman in the book The Norton Reader Pg 308 11th edition

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The His'Er Problem

"The His'Er problem" is what stuck out most to me. There are many phrases and issues people could bring up today in modern times. The author speaks of how she feels about phrases like man and wo-man or man kind. The one main point she brings up is "to each his own". She along with many other people feels this is politically incorrect. Why do we still refer to people as man or man kind? Does our society still feel men are more superior? We may never know for each individual but all together society is saying

no. Everywhere we go we hear people, males and females, refer to women as guys. For instance hey guys. I work at a bar as a server and it tends to get a bit crowded. So what if I were to try to get through a group of people, again men and women, and say excuse me ladies I need to get through.

Even as polite as I was the men would look at me

as if I was blind. The women might just find it as funny. Is this incorrect? Anyone would say yes it is, but why? I feel it is because men are too insecure to be referred to as Ladies. Any "MAN" would be offended by a statement directed to them that might question their manhood. Just like some women that are strong on women's rights are offended by them being called guys. I see it as them not being secure enough with who they are. If those women wanted to make a point instead of getting offended they could just refer to men as ladies. The real question is, is this correct for our grammar and language? No I feel it is not...