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During my life my career goals and aspirations have changed several times. I've wanted to be a teacher, someone who works with babies and a veterinarian. As I have gotten older my dreams and career goals have changed. Now my career goals are starting to become more of a reality. I'm looking to pursue a career in law, medicine, or neonatology.

If I go on to pursue my law career I would want to be an attorney. To become an attorney I would roughly have to complete 4 years of college and 3 years of law school. Also I would have to complete and pass the state bar exam in the state where I would be practicing law. Attorneys need to possess good oral communication skills in order to be successful. Attorneys make roughly $ 94,930 to 152,750 depending on the type of attorney. I would like to be a criminal justice attorney.

Attorneys are required to obtain malpractice insurance. The law field for those reasons is one of my career choices for college.

If I go on to pursue a career in medicine I would like to be a pharmacist. This is the career I am leaning the most towards the most as a career. To become a pharmacist I will have to obtain my Pharm.D some require a bachelor's degree while others accept a 2 to 3 year pre - pharmacy major. Pharm. D is a 4 year course with 3 years of classroom and laboratory work and a full year of full-time experience. Pharmacy workers need to have good math, science, and good social skills. Pharmacists usually make $ 81,000 yearly. Just as attorneys pharmacist require liability insurance. Becoming a pharmacist is what I am looking forward to doing as a career.

The next career...