The History and Laws of Apartheid in South Africa

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ApartheidThroughout history, black people have been discriminated against in all walks of life. From Africa to North America, black people have had to put up with oppression, blatant racism and discrimination, cruelty, slavery, and have been subjugated against in the worst ways in various parts of the world. This paper will provide some insight to the racial discrimination against black people in South Africa during the Apartheid regime. This era truly illustrates the huge amount of oppression that black people in South Africa had to go through. These black people were united in the pretext that both the African Americans were Africans who were primarily taken against their will and transported as slaves to North America where they lived with constant fear of being lynched and beaten just because of the color of their skin. The Africans who were not taken as slaves did not have it any better, especially in the Southern part of Africa, namely South Africa, where black Africans were subjugated against and had to put up with similar conditions to that of which the African Americans were dealing with, namely Jim Crow.

This paper will go through a number of topics which deal with the situations of black people in South Africa, including the various laws which kept the black populations subjugated against as well as the events leading to Nelson Mandela becoming the president of South Africa in May of 1994.

History of Apartheid in South AfricaInformation for this section of this paper was retrieved, made relevant, and summarized from a few websites and provides a summary of the events leading up to the institutionalization of Apartheid in South Africa . The Republic of South Africa is a country located at the southern tip of the continent of Africa. South Africa is a country which...