What is history? History is the past, present and the

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What is history? History is the past, present and the future. The past is my history, the present is the history to my children, and my future is going to be history to my grandchildren. History is time. Only those who are created in time have a history which is the record of the sequence of events that occur in life.

To God, history is the present. God does not have a history because He cannot say, "I wish that would not have happened; I wish I could change that." Why? Because God can change anything, past, present, or future with the blink of an eye. History involves time. God created time, and he lies outside of time so there is no history to Him. He created history but he is not subject to it, although he controls it.

Studying history needs to be a big part of our lives because it will help us to avoid repeat the things we have done wrong in the past.

It can help us as a universe to become cleaner. We can also learn about our ancestors and where we originated to learn about the cultures that we have in common. History also gives us a general wealth of knowledge for our own well being and self-esteem. Most importantly history shows how perfectly God treats everyone, and how he never makes mistakes.