History of Maryland as a colony.

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In 1632, George Calvert, also known as Lord Baltimore I, tried to get a land grant from the king. The land north of the Potomac river was his aim. This land was part of the Virginia colony. Calvert was the king`s advisor, he had recently converted to Roman Catholicism, and wanted to create a colony where Roman Catholics could live without fear of being persecuted. He wanted to be able to worship as he wanted.

Unfortunately, George Calvert died before King Charles was able to complete the charter. Because this was already completed, the land was given to George's son, Cecilius Calvert, also known as Lord Baltimore II. The land was from the Delmarva penninsula to the source of the Potomac river. He named the land "Maryland" because of Queen Henrietta Maria. The city of Baltimore was named after Lord Baltimore, its founder.

Cecilious Calvert organized an expedition with 200 settlers, the leader was his younger brother, Leonard Calvert, who later took the job of Provincial Government.

In March 1634, the settlers reached Maryland territory at Saint Clements island. They bought a native american village and established Saint Marys City. The English cultivated the land that the native americans had cultivated before them. They mainly produced corn and tobacco.

Their first harvests were very good. They were able to remain in peace with the native americans. But they also had some difficulties in other aspects. Claiborne didn`t recognize Lord Baltimore`s mandate over Kent Island, he said it belonged to Virginia. Because of this, an ilogic war started between Clairbornes and Baltimore`s forces in 1635. The English Comissioners for Foreign plantations said that Kent Island belonged to Maryland. The war ended.

Another conflict happened between Lord Baltimore and the Provincial Legislature. The charter said that the legislature...