History often repeats itself in society.

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Many historians believe that history often repeats itself over the years. Issues that affect society in history often reoccur or continue. In America, our freedoms are protected by the U.S. Constitution. This constitution makes the United States one of the freest countries in the world. If we do not address these issues, we will no longer continue to enjoy the freedom that we do today. These issues can threaten American culture and political life today. Two issues that threaten American culture and political life are religion in public schools and the Patriot Act.

The first issue that threatens American culture and political life is religion in schools. The First Amendment in the Constitution says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion ..." which means that church and state are separated. However, in 1925, John Scopes, a Tennessee teacher, was put on trial for illegally teaching the theory of evolution.

At that time, public schools in Tennessee were teaching children about creationism, the belief that God created humans, in a science classroom. Even though Scoops was found guilty, the trial was a major setback for the anti-evolution forces. Still today, almost 80 years after the historical trial, schools in Georgia are having debates whether to teach evolution or creationism in a science classroom. Creationism is not backed up by facts, but is just a belief while evolution is supported by facts. As citizens of the United States, we pay taxes to the government which establishes public schools which are run according to the United States Constitution. The Constitution says that public schools should be separated from religion. If the schools are paid for with taxes, there can't be religion. Having religion in public schools goes against the first amendment and is therefore unconstitutional. If religion is allowed...