History report on the period of time between world war one and world war 2 - the lead up to the second world war. (focus on the league of nations)

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Although the Spanish Civil war and the Italian invasion of Abyssinia were major causes of the Second World War, it was the weakness of the League of Nations that... The aim of the League of Nations was to maintain world peace, and due to their lack of strength and inability to enforce sanctions and consequences their aims were far from achieved. The fascist nations of Germany and Italy were allowed to persue their aggressive military aims with little or no penalties. By 1939, Italy and Germany were influential and powerful nations ready to conquer all of Europe.

The First World War caused many problems to arise worldwide. 14 million people died as a result of the First World War and most people had lost a family member. The fact the war was seen as being a pointless one only made matters worse, as the people believed that their loved ones had died for nothing.

There were worldwide economic problems and many people found themselves unemployed. For the countries that had 'lost' the war, the situation was even worse. Germany suffered greatly from the Treaty of Versailles, and Italy also had many problems to deal with that were not being solved. New, democratic governments had been put in place by the Western powers in many European countries. However, as these countries were not used to being governed by a democratic system, many governments became corrupt and little was being achieved.

As many people in Europe were unhappy, and their governments were not providing the solutions for the difficulties the times had presented, the people of many countries turned to strong, charismatic dictators. The difficulties of the post-war period caused fascism to rise in many countries after World War One. In 1922, the fascist leader, Benito Mussolini came to power in...