History of Tammany Hall, Jewish Organized Crime and Various Mobsters.

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History of Tammany Hall, Jewish Organized Crime and Various Mobsters

N.Y.C. has one of the strongest traditional organized crime groups and in order to understand how organized crime developed in N.Y you must examine The Society of Saint Tammany, also known as Tammany Hall. Tammany Hall was a political organization that began in 1789 as a fraternal and patriotic society and eventually became a political organization in N.Y , which is also known as the Democratic Party of N.Y. In 1800, Tammany Hall leader, Aaron Burr became vice president and in 1836 Martin van Buren became president. These leaders, especially Aaron Burr, were essential in making Tammany Hall powerful.

Tammany Hall was able to gain the support of the people by establishing a system of collective property. Collective property allowed the title of a home to be held by a number of persons, which was important because at the time only landowners could vote.

Tammany Hall also established a system of district leaders and precinct captains, and by 1838 they were known to extort money, do favors and services. This was also the start of the connection between criminals and Tammany Hall. In the 1840's a large number of Irish immigrated to N.Y. they spoke English well and were willing to get into arguments. This made the Irish perfect for the rough politics of the time and by the 1850's they had filled the leadership positions and dominated Tammany Hall.

In the N.Y.C police force the Irish were also able to dominate also because of their ability to speak English and their character. In 1844 a police force was created that resembled the London Metropolitan Police. The qualifications to become an officer were low and the salaries good but within this system there was a lot...