The Holocaust was the most significant example of violence inspired by racial hatred in the 20th century

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The Holocaust was a period in time where Jewish people were mass murdered and tortured by the Nazis in Germany during World War 2. It was a vicious campaign against the people of Jewish ancestry and the Judaism religion. The racial hatred inspired crimes committed against the Jews had never been seen before throughout history; and never been committed again.

Most of the German population turned a blind eye to Hitler's racist antics. Hitler persuaded most of the people of Germany that the slaughtering of Jews was crucial to Germany being restored to its old glory, and making Germany into a purely Aryan race, as he believed that Germans were the purest race of all, and therefore superior to all other peoples. Hitler used his ideas about Aryan supremacy to justify the killing of millions of Jews. Hitler used propaganda and his persuasive public speaking skills to spread his ideas through the German population, including his belief that the Jews had betrayed Germany in World War 2 and which ultimately led to Germany's downfall, including the destruction of the German economy.

The Nazi persecution of Jews began shortly after Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. As Germany prepared for war, the government imposed many laws and restrictions that deprived Jews of their rights and possessions. One of many examples of this would be that the Nazis prohibited all Jews from attending many universities and schools. They also seized Jewish properties and businesses unlawfully.

The seizing of businesses was known as the 'Aryanization' of businesses, and was when the Nazis enterprised to eliminate Jews from all economic life. All non- Aryans were dismissed from civil service positions, and Jewish lawyers and doctors lost Aryan clients. Many Jewish businesses were put into liquidation, and their inventory was disposed of. All...