Home Building from the ground up

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Regardless of the industry, if 'something' is capable of being produced, there is a desire by individuals to obtain this product or service, and a means to establish a solid form of production; - an industrial spark has been ignited within the community. Many of us recall the childhood story we heard of the three little pigs. The first pig made his house of straw, and the big bad wolf blew the house down. The second pig made his house of twigs, and again, the big bad wolf blew the house down. However, the third pig made his house of brick, and the big bad wolf was unable to blow the house down.

Within any organization, steps to success require several factors - some of which include: time, energy, effort, investments, and desire. Research plays a major factor as well in the determination of success within an organization. Much like our three pigs, as you can see by the story, they utilized several of the factors listed above - and eventually obtained a product (or service) that was reliable, had been shown to have a demand within their culture, and received the support necessary from the community to continue to produce their product for the other pigs.

Home Building: A Brief History

Architecture in itself is a fascinating form of history that has been traced back over 2000 years! It was during prehistoric times, when 'homebuilding' as a concept was first created. During that era however, humans piled rocks on top of another to establish a form of shelter - most commonly from the elements of weather and the creatures (dinosaurs, etc.) they shared their living space amongst. This type of structure is far from what 'we' consider a home, but it was a start.

From the prehistoric era...