Homeostasis in the Human Body

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Homeostasis in the Human Body

This exercise was designed to show how the human body strives for Homeostasis. Homeostasis can be defined as maintaining the internal environment within certain physiological limits. Homeostasis is maintained by the coordinated activities of many organs and systems of the body. This exercise will also show the location of some of the stimulus receptors in the body.

My hypothesis for this exercise is that by manipulating stimulus, we will be able to observe the body's reaction to maintain Homeostasis.

The procedure used for reflexes was as follows:

I had my assistant stand in front of a window. Then, from the other side of the window, I threw crumpled up paper at my assistants face. Next, I stood in front of a mirror in a very well lit room and covered my right eye with my hand. I then removed my hand. I also did this with my left eye.

I then had my assistant slice a lemon while I watched from a distance of 2 feet. Next, I used two assistants and had one pinch the skin on the back of the others' neck. I then had one of my assistants sit in a chair with their legs crossed and I struck a blow just below the patella bone.

The procedure used for reception of stimuli by sense organs was as follows:

I inserted two pins into a piece of cork. I measured the distance of the pins to be 5mm. I then touched the pins to the palm of my hand, my forearm, and my finger tips. I then increased the distance between the pins to 10mm and repeated the process. Next, I immersed my right pointer finger into 40 degree C water and at the same time, I put my left...